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Barwon Valley Pony Club


Day Participation Liability Declaration & Waiver

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Day Participation Liability Declaration & Waiver


All participants (inc Pony Club members) in Open Competition, Clinic or activity must sign a Public Liability Declaration Form, this form should be a part of your event entry.  PCV members competing in Pony Club Classes Only do not need to complete these forms. 

Participants in events organized by PCV Clubs, who are not current financial members of a PCV Club, or who do not have any other approved insurance in place, are deemed to be 'Day Participants' of the event/activity on completion of the Day Participant Waiver.

Participants must provide proof of current membership or Insurance cover to avoid paying the $10 per day Day Participant Fee.

Riders without adequate Insurance Liability cover must complete and pay $10 per day fee.

Protection is afforded to the Day Participant under the PCV Public Liability policy, only whilst participating in activities organized and/or run by the PCV club at that event, where they are liably for causing bodily injury or property damage to others, excluding whilst travelling to and from such event. By completing the Day Participant Waiver form, you agree to abide by the Rules and Conditions of the PCV and any Rules of the Event.  Adequate Insurance liability.

Participants do not need to pay $10/day or fill in the Day Participant Waiver (lower part of combined form) if they are a current member of:

  • Pony Club Association of Victoria;
  • Equestrian Australia (EA) - Note: Rider must be a direct member, not just a member of an EA affiliated Club
  • An Inter State Pony Club;
  • Arab Horse Society of Australia (AHSA);
  • Australian Endurance Riders Association (AERA);
  • Or can provide proof that they are covered by Public Liability Insurance Policy with a minimum of $10,000.00

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