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Current BVPC Members


This information is for CURRENT members of Barwon Valley Pony Club.  If you are interested in joining please refer to the new membership application process.

Current Barwon Valley Pony Club members are expected to renew their membership on an ANNUAL basis.  Failure to submit the paperwork or renew membership by the end of the financial year could result in your spot being given to a rider currently on the waiting list.

Membership renewals should be made via the PCV Omnisports database which is accessible via the PCV front page.  To access the database please use the 'cheat sheet' that can be downloaded via this link.  If you do not have computer access please let the club secretary know so that they can support the update of the information.

Please note that you can pay by credit card within Omnisports, but if you want to pay by direct deposit, cash or cheque you can still do this.  You just need to use the drop down box to select this payment option, put a cheque/bank deposit reference and the amount paid into the boxes and then press submit.  Once you are out of the system you pay for your membership through EFT, cash or cheque as you would normally into the BVPC account.

To ensure that our members information is correct, independent to Omnisports, please complete the form accessible via this link

If you require access to the club outside of the rallies for schooling please complete the grounds access request form.  Please note that there are strict rule requirements associated with access to the grounds outside of rallies and membership will be forfeited if these rules are breached.

Please note that all memberships are subject to the fees being paid in full by the 30th June.  If you want to do partial payments talk to the Treasurer to arrange.  If you are competing and require your PCV card in early July you will need to have completed and paid your membership prior to the 30th May to enable PCV to send out the card and for the card secretary to complete the competition details.

There is also the requirement for parents who routinely attend rallies having a current Working With Children check (WWWC) as per PCV Handbook of By Laws 2016 Section 8.2.