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Attendance at rallies by a parent/s is compulsory if a rider is under 18.

All parents are expected to spend 20 hours per year assisting at working bees held outside rally days, and at competitions. There is a monetary penalty if you do not help the Club, but we would much rather have your time than your money.

Canteen Roster - posted in the monthly newsletter, please bring a cake/slice etc.  It involves helping in the Kitchen preparing/selling lunches etc.

Grounds Roster - posted in the monthly newsletter: be prepared to help put out and put away equipment needed on rally days, clean the toilets and other projects.

Working Bees - Members with their parents are expected to help set up for our One Day Events, Dressage and S/J Day, Closed Dressage and S/J Day and our annual riding camp.

Competitions - Without parent and member involvement, running these days would be impossible. We always appreciate your help. Even when your child is not involved in the event there is always a job for you. Members are encouraged to help at all activities and be involved in the running of their Club. It is a great way of finding out more about the running of these events and meeting other families in the Club. Competitions are our way of raising much needed funds to pay for instructors and purchase equipment and maintain the club.