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Financial Members are issued with a PCV membership card, which should be handed in at each rally to be signed by the Card Secretary as evidence of participation the rally.  Unmounted riders can also have their cards marked as attending a rally as unmounted. 

Gradings for the various competitions are made by the D.C. in the membership card, which must be taken to Pony Club competitions and presented to the organising committee's office.  It is the responsibility of the rider to make sure their card is up to date and that they are correctly graded and eligible for any competition they wish to enter.

A junior or associate member may gain a mounted rally attendance with up to two horses providing they have both been ridden under instruction on the day.

A combination (club member and horse) wishing to participate in a pony club section of a competition or any other activity (other than supervised rally or instructional activities) hosted by a pony club, must achieve the minimum number of qualifying rally attendances:

Junior club member: Five rallies, two of which must be by the combination at their club, within the preceding 12 months.  However, within the first six months of new club membership, only two mounted rallies by the combination are required. (Refer to rule 13.12 for definition of a new club member).

Associate club member:  Two mounted rallies by the combination within the preceding 12 months.